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Why follow a diet from a genetic point of view?

22 Sep 2018 0 comments
Why follow a diet from a genetic point of view?

There is, certainly, strong research supporting that people's bodies react differently to different foods, and that those reactions can inform dietary choices in a way that minimizes disease risk and promotes weight loss.

There's also something to be said for measurable gene variants playing a role in how different bodies process foods differently, and that a diet that considers these differences can help optimize health.

About Nutrigenetic

In Nutrigenetic, genetics is only one part of the picture. The value comes from understanding your genetic profile in conjunction with your goals, lifestyle and environment - the whole picture.

Diet Test

With our DNA kit you can provide a saliva sample. We deliver your sample to our lab in Europe, where we use Next Generation Sequencing technology.

Full Dietary and Nutritional Report

We interpret your genetic data into meaningful nutrition insights, based on proprietary algorithms and developed with expert nutritionist. Using our easy to understand reports, we help you be the best you can be. Then take action, with our genetically personalised eating plans.

Diet Report

The presentation of analysed genes by Nutrigenetic

Nutrigenetic analyses genes that are variously associated with the need for nutrients and their metabolism, and consequently affect your weight. These are the genes that affect:

  • Obesity and excess weight. Allows you to foresee problems of obesity in the future and adapt your diet to control or counteract it.
  • Control of appetite and anxiety. Appetite is regulated by different hormones related to appetite and satiety.
  • Sports efficiency. Having a good genetic response to exercise means that you eat more calories than the population average for the same physical activity,
  • Vitamin deficiency. When there are genetic deficits, your body is not making the most of all the vitamins in an efficient way.
  • Type 2 diabetes. In this chronic disease the body does not produce enough insulin or the cells have developed resistance to it.
  • Risk of lactose intolerance. Lactose is a sugar that is present in all mammalian milk.
  • Your high‐efficiency dietary plan. We analyse 17 genes to understand which diet will be the most effective for weight loss.
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