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6 Ways to make your lips look more full

20 Sep 2018 0 comments
6 Ways to make your lips look more full

Not everyone is blessed with the beautiful and naturally full lips a la Angelina Jolie,but luckily there are some tricks to plump your pout. If you didn’t think there were natural alternatives to lip injections, think again! There’s an easier way to get fuller, plumper looking lips without using lip fillers, and we’re going to show you how. Whether you’re going for a natural or full glam look, we’ve got you covered with 6 tricks to make your lips look more full — for any occasion.

It doesn’t matter if you’re headed to the beach with no makeup, or getting ready for a night out in full glam makeup, sometimes you just want plumper looking lips. Here are 6 ways to achieve more full looking lips by increasing circulation to your lips or using makeup to fake light and shadows.

1- Exfoliate your lips

Exfoliating your lips will boost blood circulation in your lips. With the blood drawn to your lips, they will naturally look more full and plump. You can make a a DIY lip exfoliant using organic brown sugar and some type of oil like coconut or olive. Or you can use our peeling with Collagen and Natural Ingredients, this is a natural option to give you a fuller pout without adding any lipstick or liner.

2- Overdraw with liner

Overlining your lips is a simple and effective way to add volume. The key to making this look natural is applying your liner just on the edge of your lips, and not too far outside them. You can apply concealer over your entire lip to help them blend in with your foundation, making your line even less noticeable. Apply a nude lip liner that matches your natural lip color and redraw your lips, giving yourself a slightly larger yet natural shape. Apply the liner all over the rest of your lips for an even color before applying your lipstick or gloss.

3- Contour your lips

In addition to overdrawing your lips, you can take a darker nude liner and contour your lips. Apply your liner on the outer corners and feather it in toward the middle and top of your lips. This will add depth and dimension, making the outer parts of your lips look like they are farther back on the sides and larger in the middle. You can also draw “puffs” on the lips by drawing vertical lines to make your lips look more pillowy.

4- Apply highlighter

There are ways to fake light and draw attention to certain parts of the lips. Adding light will make objects appear closer, so it will make them look bigger. Adding a highlight to your Cupid’s Bow will make your top lip look like it’s sticking out more and the sun is shining on it. You can use a cream or powder highlight for this. You can also use a shimmery eye shadow a few shades lighter than your lipstick color and apply to the center of your lips using your finger. The added brightness will make your lips look nice and plump.

5- Use bronzer

Just like you can add light, you can also fake shadows to make your lips look larger.Adding bronzer right below your bottom lip will make it look like your lip is sticking out and casting a shadow onto your chin. Apply a matte bronzer.

6- Use a lip plumper

There are products that use ingredients to increase circulation and make your lips look more full. Try this Natural Collagen Lip Balm  to stimulate your lips with its tingling sensation, drawing blood to them and plumping your pout. Its formula has natural collagen  which makes lips look up to 40% more full while still maintaining moisture in the lips. The added shine from the gloss will reflect light and add brightness and the look of volume to the lips.

Now that you know how to use makeup to make your lips look more full, you’re ready to put these tricks to the test. You can go natural and just exfoliate, or do the full highlight and contour technique to really glam up your look and perfect your pout. No matter what you choose, if you follow these steps you’ll be good to go for any occasion.


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