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Why Natural Collagen is Effective?

Trans-dermal Delivery

Natural Collagen is gradually absorbed on your skin.

Biologically Active

Natural Collagen is a biologically active protein.

Collagen | Fountain of Youth

Collagen is very important for healthy skin.


Our Top Natural Collagen Products

Natural Collagen Lip Balm | Lip Care & Plumper

70.00 AED

Natural Collagen Face Serum with 24k Gold

617.00 AED 771.00 AED

Natural Collagen Platinum

431.00 AED
50 ml
200 ml

Collagen Wash Gel | For the Whole Family

257.00 AED

Collagen Face Mist with Vitamin C

330.00 AED

Natural Collagen Blog

How Genetic Testing Works

Direct-to-consumer genetic testing kits are marketed to people who aren't necessarily ill or at high risk for a disease, but who may be just curious or concerned about their risk for different disorders.

Coronavirus beauty essentials

You’re avoiding coronavirus infection by wearing a mask, but what is it doing to your skin?.

How to look after dry skin caused by handwashing and sanitiser

Washing your hands is important. Please do it. If your hands are dry because of handwashing and sanitiser..... it's important to moisturise too.

Vitamin C - Strengthens the immune system in 20 different ways

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a water-soluble vitamin essential for the normal growth and repair of conn...

Symptoms, Causes and Home Remedies for Varicose Veins

They’re as common as mosquitoes in summer and about as beloved. Unfortunately, there’s no repellent for varicose veins and spider...

Here's Exactly What Salicylic Acid Does to Your Skin

In the over-the-counter battle against breakouts, there are a few key players you should know about, and Salicylic Ac...

The 4 Best Treatments for Postpartum Hair Loss

As your due date draws near, you’re probably looking forward to losing your big belly and extra baby weight. But ther...

Receding Gums? You May Need Collagen

Yes, you read that correctly. In a new procedure, Natural Collagen applied topically to receding gums can help with h...

Collagen for Acne and 4 other skin problems

Natural Collagen will improve elasticity, combat wrinkles and help in healing issues like eczema and acne.
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Natural Collagen Testimonials

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Facial & Body Cleansers with Collagen
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Blue Diamond Peeling | Anti-age & Peel cream
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Vege Collagen
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Blue Diamond Cream | Complete Skin Renewal | Skin Penetration...
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Spectrum Vials | Non-invasive face lifting | 7 Days Treatment...
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