Growth Factors Serums

DermGo line are unique serums based on molecular technology that has the ability to influence specific metabolic processes in the skin cell that can range from stimulation , inhibition or mimicking a specific biological function in order to renew, repair, regenerate and protect the skin from within .

dermGo Momentum

Dhs. 577

What is Momentum? Momentum is a time for you, anytime, anywhere, for any type of skin, for women and men, for younger and older 

dermGo Melanin

Dhs. 577

Its formula helps reduce the formation of melanin, prevents the appearance of sunspots and minimizes the size and intensity of existing ones. 

dermGo Regener

Dhs. 577

Its formula acts by helping skin cells to repair and regenerate the skin, and as a result, it acts to reduce skin aging. 

dermGo Collagen

Dhs. 577

Estimulate production of natural collagen for mature and photo aged skin. 

dermGo Hyaluronic

Dhs. 577

Its high-performance, multi-action formula strengthens the skin, visibly fills wrinkles and intensely moisturizes.