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About Fagron Genomics

Fagron Genomics is an in vitro medical device manufacturer specializing in the development and servicing of medical genetic algorithms. QUALITY POLICYFagron Genomics is committed to providing products and services of the highest quality that take into consideration the needs and requirements of its users. This will be accomplished through employee involvement, adequate training, ongoing education, and ethical commitment to customers and patients, to ensure continuous improvement of our processes and quality examinations. With our quality management system, we ensure that international requirements, regulations, laws, and applicable standards are met to realize continuous market access to our products and services. It provides the framework for attaining and maintaining compliance, measuring performance, and continuing to achieve client, partner, and customer satisfaction. GENETIC TESTINGWe use advanced technology to transform genetic data into clinically relevant information providing clear, actionable results, and support along the way. We are committed to providing a quality clinical genetic interpretation and delivering accurate, clinically actionable results to help you make better decisions.


Order the test in your clinic, your Doctor will collect a DNA sample as described in the video. Your doctor will  fill in the online questionnaire & send a sample to the laboratory. 2-4 weeks later your doctor will receive the detailed reports online