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What can wet wipes contain?

أكتوبر 29, 2019

What are wet wipes made of? Most regular wipes may seem harmless, but actually contain Rayon (plastic fibers). Aside from that, they often contain potentially harmful parabens and other preservatives, phthalates, artificial fragrances and other chemicals.

Petroleum substances (paraffin, silicone, mineral oil):

  • They give the skin a smooth and silky appearance, but at the same time clog the skin
  • The body can not cope with such components completely. He can neither dispose of nor remove them, therefore in extreme cases they can be stored in the kidneys, liver or lymph nodes for a long time.

SLS / SLES (detergents)

Cheap cleaning agents that irritate the skin. They also cause over drying and disturb the secretion of sebum.

Parabens (Methyl / Propyl / Ethyl / Butyl -paraben)

Synthetic preservatives. A rather controversial topic. Although they have been thoroughly tested and widely recognized as safe, some sources indicate that:

  • May cause irritation, burning skin and allergies.
  • They have a negative effect on the endocrine system.

Allergenic fragrances (perfume)

Perfume – under this name can cover almost 2,500 different substances that can cause skin allergies.

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