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Atelocollagen Face Serum

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  • Luxury Anti-Age Serum with Atelocollagen & Gold
  • Size:50 ml
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Atelocollagen is a 100% natural, bio-active, trans-dermal serum which tackles the cause of skin aging by activating collagen production on a cellular level.

This hypo-allergenic serum is recommended for treatment of delicate body parts: face, eyes area & neckline. It can easily replace many skincare products due its trans-dermal benefits & extremely efficient.

The spirals in the bottle are made of proteins from three types of collagen (atelo-, tropo- and procollagen), elastin, and other peptides which are currently the best and most sought for in cosmetology (including silk sericin), and also from isolated collagen aminoacids and gold. They are part of the product!.

Collagen is nature’s most abundant protein polymer. It has a triple helical polypeptide structure with antigenic formations called “telopeptides” at each end of the molecule. Telopeptides are the major cause of immune reactions to proteins, because they are unique to each individual. In atelocollagen, the telopeptides are removed from a Type I collagen molecule, creating a far more viable, non-immunogenic form of the protein. Furthermore, atelocollagen is much higher in density than general collagen (tropocollagen); so, it is easily absorbed into the skin.

Atelocollagen was originally developed as a medical grade raw material for tissue regeneration. Now it has been adapted for transdermal cosmetic use, providing the most highly purified, safe, bio-compatible collagen available with rare to no side effects.

The serum is a unisex product. Suitable for all skin types and ages.

Effects visible after 3-4 weeks of regular use.This is the time needed for complete remodeling of collagen structure in the skin.

  • Stimulates new cell turnover.
  • Hydrates and deeply moisturizes thirsty skin.
  • Effective in mature skins revitalizing treatment & non-invasive face lifting.
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and prevents new ones.
  • Plumps up tissues and helps ease fine lines.
  • Helps repair sun damage and fade age spots.
  • Gives a healthy and youthful glow.
  • Reduces broken capillaries.
  • Reduces sebum production.
  • Smooths juvenile post acne scars.
  • Effectively supports rosacea & eczema treatments.
  • Excellent make-up foundation.
  • Soothing after shave gel.
  • Powerful home-care product after aesthetic treatments with laser, peels, roller, dermapen, etc.

Three types of collagen (atelocollagen, tropocollagen, procollagen) and elastin

Atelocollagen: Intensively nourish and regenerate by stimulating fibroblasts to synthesize proteins.This is due to its larger molecular size and lack of negative ionic charge. Most collagen cosmetics are only able to form oil membranes in the outer dermal layer of the skin, whereas our negatively ionized atelocollagen deeply assimilates into the skin.

  • For optimum result the serum should be applied 2-3 times a day.
  • Exfoliate your skin 1-2 times a week to prepare it for maximum collagen absorption. It is recommended to use Natural Collagen Peeling since it is compatible with the serum.
  1. The serum must be applied to clean, wet skin. Natural Collagen Wash Gel should be used as effective cleanser, pre-application.
  2. To restore skin balance use toner wiping it over the face and neck. It is recommended to use Natural Collagen Toner since it is compatible with the serum.
  3. Massage a very thin layer of serum, 2 – 3 pumps, into the skin, following the direction of the muscles.
  4. It is safe to treat a delicate eye area, included eyelids.
  5. Atelocollagen is quickly absorbed. Do not rinse your face.
  6. Apply a suitable face cream. We recommend Natural Collagen Day/Night cream, compatible with the serum.
  • It is not a source of prions as opposed to animal collagen.
  • Not known to cause side effects. Non addictive to the skin. No harsh preservatives, no colors, no fragrances.
  • It is a serum with temperature resistivity up to 40 degrees Celsius!

Aqua, Collagen Amino Acids, Silk Amino Acids, Caprylyl Glycol, Atelocollagen, Collagen, Procollagen, Elastin, Arginine/Lysine Polypeptide, Gold, Pepsin, Rosa Damascena Flower Oil, Lactic Acid, Sodium Lactate, Glycerin, Glyceryl Caprylate, Carbomer, Xanthan Gum.

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