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Biologically Active

COLWAY has developed a technologically advanced extraction process involving an extraordinary delicate mechanism process of hydrolysing Marine Collagen to breakdown the molecular bonds between individual collagen strands by use of slowly finessed chemical reaction and multiphase filtration. Key to this process is maintaining stable temperatures - 95°F / - 32 C to ensure a small molecular structure of the extracted collagen, enabling its absorption by the skin and flow deep down the skin layers.

COLWAY Marine Collagen bears characteristics that are essential to naturally complement and stimulate the human collagen synthesis, supplementing any deficiencies and initiating the process of skin regeneration.

  • High Quality - Biologically active, native soluble collagen type I & II
  • Intact Molecular Structure - During extraction process, its triple helix structure suffers no cell structure degradation until it is absorbed in skin
  • Low Molecular Weight - Its molecular structure is small enough to effectively penetrate the deeper skin layers and implement itself into the ECM
  • High Solubility - Soluble collagen has high water-holding capacity, dissolves in water and is more efficient and more readily absorbed into the skin

COLWAY Marine Collagen is a ‘living’ biologically active protein able to effectively (1) retain a triple helix structure outside its natural environment, (2) achieve a metabolic process, (3) penetrate deep into skin, (4) deposit soluble native collagen and (5) reinforce ECM by boosting the synthesis of collagen and nourish the underlying structures of the skin.

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