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Skincare Analysis FAQ

Skin Analysis

Why should I take the Skincare Analysis?

The skincare products you use shouldn’t be based on a wish and a hope; they should be chosen based on factors that affect your skin. Evaluating responses about your skin health and concerns, the Skincare Analysis will customize a skincare regimen that matches your specific needs for healthy skincare.

How often should I take the Skincare Analysis?

We recommend you take the Skincare Analysis as the seasons change. Skin is a living organ that constantly changes in texture, tone and health. In order to sustain a healthy appearance and skin function, your skincare regimen should be updated to match your current skincare needs.

Do I need to purchase all of the products recommended on my Skincare Analysis?

It is recommended that you start with the basics of cleanser, toner, and moisturizer suggested by the Skincare Analysis. The basic products are a great start and can be built upon based on which skin concerns you would like to address.

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