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Beauty is power; a smile is its sword.

Kasia Młotkowska

Brand Ambassador


Skin DNA Test

Dhs. 3,150

Decode the DNA that defines your beauty


GEN.Cosmetic Set

Dhs. 2,100

 Taylor-made Treatment


Enzyme Peeling

Dhs. 357

Progressive Microexfoliating Cream


Blue Diamond Cream

Dhs. 651.00

Mature and dry skin requiring immediate regeneration

My Other Favourites Products

SOS Detox

Dhs. 577.00

SOS Shine

Sold Out

SOS Reactive

Dhs. 577.00


Dhs. 577.00

Vitamin C

Dhs. 183.00

Eye Tensioning Set

Dhs. 1,310.00

Colvita | Collagen Supplements

Dhs. 404.00
60 caps
120 caps

Collagen Lip Balm | Lip Care

Dhs. 70.00

Overnight AteloMask

Dhs. 760.00 Dhs. 950.00

Bust Treatment

Dhs. 367.00

dermGo Sensitive

Dhs. 577.00

dermGo Regener

Dhs. 577.00

Pure Collagen

Sold Out

dermGo Collagen

Dhs. 577.00

dermGo Hyaluronic

Dhs. 577.00

dermGo Momentum

Dhs. 577.00

dermGo Melanin

Dhs. 577.00


Dhs. 387.00 Dhs. 430.00

Thickening Conditioner

Dhs. 283.00

Thickening Shampoo for Hair-Loss

Dhs. 283.00

Eye Contour Roll On

Dhs. 257.00

Peeling Scrub

Dhs. 204.00

Slimming Serum

Dhs. 383.00

Collagen Wash Gel

Dhs. 257.00

Eye Contour Elixir

Dhs. 362.00

Glutathione Lotion | Novawhite

Dhs. 320.00 Dhs. 504.00

Clay Mask Treatment for Acne

Dhs. 70.00

Natural Collagen Graphite

Dhs. 453.00

Natural Collagen Silver

Dhs. 556.00

Biomimetic Face Cream

Dhs. 577.00

Liquid Make-Up Remover

Dhs. 367.00