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How to apply properly the TENSER

18 Jul 2018 0 comments
How to apply properly the TENSER

TENSER is a product exclusively for the eye area, which shows signs of ageing. The application requires diligence and strict adherence to the manufacturer's recommendations, as follow:

1 - Wash the under eye area, with a wet cotton pad and after that dry the area.

2 - Apply 1 pump of tenser in only 1 eye area, massage for around 10 seconds under the eye and and then tap  gently till total product absorption.

3 - If it is not done this way can be produced a thin white film with the product

4 - If this happened, remove it with water, dry the area  and repeat the application of 1 pump in the proper way (massage plus tapping)

5 - Important, as the tenser dries quickly you need to apply it one by one. It means, take the dosis of tenser just for one eye, do proper application and later with a new pump of tenser repeat the application with the second eye.

6 - If after 10 minutes effect is not visible enough, you can apply a second pump per eyes, starting in point 2 of this guide.

Keep in a dry and shaded place at room temperature, out of the reach of small children.


The main ingredient of TENSER is Natural Molecule Tension Complex (NMTC), consisting of two substances that relax the muscle fibers, so that the skin on the surface becomes significantly smoothed.

These substances are natural and biodegradable, therefore, to keep the lifiting effect, biocompatible silicon polymers were used. Together with the NMTC complex, they form a polymeric peptide net that allows the effect of smoothness and skin tension to be maintained for up to 10 hours while providing the skin with oxygen.

Tenser integrates well with the skin, does not limit facial expressions and does not cause artificiality. Its pH 5.6 – 5.7 corresponds to the pH of the skin around the eyes, which makes its use safe.

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