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XpertSun FAQ

19 Oct 2018 0 comments
XpertSun FAQ

Not all types of radiation have the same level of penetration in the skin. The effect of UVB radiation is visible at the epidermis level, whereas UVA radiation penetrates down to the dermis. Infrared A rays are the ones with the deepest level of penetration since they can reach the hypodermis, additionally infrared rays A, B and C cause thermal aging of the skin.

Ultraviolet A radiation (UVA rays) causes constant and silent damage to the skin: photosensitivity, damage at the DNA level, and appearance of malignant melanoma.

Ultraviolet B radiation (UVB rays) causes sunburn, erythema and inflammation of the skin (visible damage).

Light textures of rapid absorption and easy application are conducive to product application and therefore help to achieve a safer and more efficient protection.

The SPF (Sun Protection Factor) index measures the risk of sunburn linked to UVB rays. The PA is the symbology developed in Japan that stratifies the degree of protection from low (+) to high (++++), and it evaluates the degree of protection against UVA rays as shown in in vivo studies.

In order to develop better methods of protection against the sun, we need to understand how human skin detects and responds to solar radiation. Based on this research, the targets have been identified that play a key role in this type of response to light energy, and they are named photobiological targets.

Thanks to the identification of photobiological targets, researchers can use the information to develop better methods used to protect human skin against the damaging effects of exposure to the sun, which consequently implies an improvement in skin care products and sunscreen products.

The Photoderm Filter is a new generation of molecular mechanisms of solar protection that “mimic” the code of solar protection with which the skin “responds” to the influence of the UVA/UVB/IR rays

The Photoderm Solar Filter allows us to formulate photoprotectors with excellent cosmetic properties, without detriment to the extreme photobiological protection of a broad spectrum (UVA/UVB/IR), thus promoting the optimal utilization of the skin’s resources in order to prevent and repair cutaneous damage caused by the sun.

The photoprotectors are “water resistant” if, after immersion in water for 40 minutes (2 periods of contact with water of 20 minutes each) at least 70% of the initial value of the protection factor calculated on dry skin is maintained. On the other hand, the photoprotector is “waterproof” if it resists 4 periods of contact with water of 20 minutes each (a total of 80 minutes.

It is a range of products that stand out for their cosmetic elegance and for their maximum photoprotective functionality (UVA/UVB/IR)

XpertSUN is dermatologically tested, it is formulated free of parabens and it possess a photostable formula that maintains the same level of protection during the exposure to the sun, and at the same time is water resistant.

Those who have extremely or especially sensitive skin, or even intolerant skin.
Ultra-light, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic formula.

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