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Sunlight is part of our lives and is considered to benefit our health. In small doses it has a beneficial effect for our moods, the synthesis of Vitamin D, and it is essential for getting calcium in our bones.

However, an excessive exposure to the sun without protection can stop being beneficial and start being dangerous for our skin, causing alterations such as: burns, photoaging, spots, and even skin cancer.

The solar spectrum is mainly made up of ultraviolet radiation which is divided into UVA (320-400nm), UVB (290-320nm) and UVC (100-290nm), visible light (400-780nm) and infrared rays (>780nm)

The numerical value of SPF is NOT directly proportional to the degree of protection


SPF: The FPS index SPF (SUN PROTECTION FACTOR) measures the risk of sunburn linked to UVB rays.

It is backed by COLIPA and the Personal Care Products Council (the cosmetic industry associations for Europe and the United States, respectively).

Evaluates the degree of UVA protection through the PPD method (PERSISTENT

UVA• This symbol guarantees that the level of UVA protection complies with COLIPA standards. It does not differentiate between levels of protection as the PA symbol does.

• PA: A symbol developed by the JCIA (Japan Cosmetic Industry Association) in Japan which differentiates between levels of protection from lower (+) to higher (++++).

There is no valid method to assess skin damage produced by IR (Infrared).

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