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It looks like water and tastes like water, but QLARIVIA just might be the proverbial fountain of youth. The result of more than 20 years of research, this patented, multi-award-winning deuterium-depleted water contains six times less deuterium (an isotope of hydrogen) than regular water.

By drinking deuterium-depleted water regularly, we can reduce the amount of deuterium at our cellular level, consequently lowering the risk of DNA degradation. Less DNA degradation means slowing down the aging process and also some degenerative diseases.

The biological effects of deuterium depleted water were studied on plants, animals and humans and the results published in scientific papers.

These benefits can be grouped as following:

  • Experiments on plants have shown an increase in productivity, as much as 56% in the case of wheat and 250% in cucumbers.
  • Experiments on chickens subjected to radiation have shown a reduction in mortality by 50% and an increase in the egg production
  • Experiments on rodents led to an increase in the life expectancy by as much as 50% in the animals that consumed deuterium depleted water.

The mechanisms that lead these biologic effects have to do with the changes suffered at the interference of deuterium with the nuclear structures and the structures of cell enzymes, caused by the replacing of deuterium bonds with hydrogen bonds, which are more favorable to the efficient functioning of living cells.

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