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dermGo Formula | Growth Factor Vials

07 Aug 2018 0 comments
dermGo Formula | Growth Factor Vials

dermGo formula combines 3 types of active ingredients

01 Natural Growth Factors

  • Growth factors decrease with age and their ability to restore skin quality is diminished.
  • These messenger molecules act on specific cellular receptors to initiate a signaling cascade leading to the activation of the natural mechanisms of skin repair.

02 Biotechnological extracts

  • Some microorganisms and organisms have developed a series of molecular routes and biochemical compounds that have allowed them to survive extreme conditions such as salinity, temperature, lack of water, radiation, etc.
  • These compounds, which have allowed them to adapt to extreme conditions, have proved to be excellent cosmetics due to their anti-aging action, whether as ambient water scavengers, free radical scavengers or stimulators of our own biochemical mechanisms.

03 Biomimetic peptides

  • Peptides are molecules formed by the union of several amino acids. These are present in nature and are responsible for a large number of functions in our skin.
  • These molecules reactivate the functionality of certain skin cells to reestablish their proper functioning and thus achieve a younger and healthier skin.

A DermGo for every problem in the Skin

  • HYALURONIC: fills in wrinkles and intensely moisturizes.
  • STRONGEN: increase production of natural collagen for mature and photoaged skin.
  • REGENER: reduce accumulated and free radicals visible damaged skin
  • MELANIN: reduce melanin production, prevents spots and minimizes the size and intensity of existing ones.
  • SENSITIVE: reduce inflammatory processes of sensitive skin

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