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4 Steps Beauty Routine

07 Aug 2019 0 comments
4 Steps Beauty Routine

Let's start from the beginning ... Why, sometimes we are full of life and energy, and the next day we feel bad?

What is biorhythm?

In short, it is an internal mechanism that organizes our physical, emotional and intellectual activity. Each of us experiences this in life. It is the biorhythm that allows us to have so much energy one day that we can move mountains, and in a few days we don't want to get out of bed. Something similar happens with our skin.

The skin, like other parts of our body, is guided by a good biological rhythm. Your cells cannot perform all "tasks" at the same time, since it would use too much energy. Therefore, cellular processes are programmed on time and undergo a 24-hour cycle. This is especially true for the epidermis, or actually the stratum corneum, which maintains the level of hydration and protects against external factors.

Know your own skin to take care of it effectively according to your daily rhythm.

You wake up ... Still semi-conscious you go to the bathroom. You look in the mirror ... you can take it "lightly", but sometimes you rub your eyes in amazement. Dark circles under your eyes, a skinny complexion, a swollen face. This is how your reflection looks in the mirror. I slept 8 hours ?! Why is this happening?

Daily Skin Rhythm

You may have noticed that after waking up, your skin is covered by a delicate layer of sebum and sweat. It is a very good sign. During sleep, our body works at twice the speed to regenerate before dawn. So ... we are sweating. With sweat, toxic substances are released that are cleaned through the skin. The sebaceous glands on the skin do not rest either: their job is to protect against dryness and dehydration.

Around seven in the morning, your skin changes at the daily rate. Its intensive regenerative processes slow down. Make the most of this time by choosing the right care.

Your skin knows that it will be immediately exposed to rain, sun or wind, and then you can spend several hours in rooms with air conditioning or heating. Nor does it favor spending hours in front of the computer screen that emits a type of light called blue light.

How many times a day do you frown, trample your foot, in other words, you get stressed? Your skin also feels it in its own way. Unwanted wrinkles appear on the face, the skin becomes gray and tired. During the day it loses a lot of water, and external factors that dehydrate the skin intensify its drying. That is why it is so important to hydrate the skin from the morning, on the outside with creams and on the inside all day drinking water. Remember to drink 8-10 glasses of mineral water without gas a day!

Take your water bottle with you when you need a 100% Natural soda.

The skin does not regenerate during the day

It is focused on maximum protection. A proposal for those who like minimalism. Also in skin care. If you have dry skin and your skin when you wake up is dull, with closed pores, you should not forget about cleaning. Simply apply cold water to the face, dry with a towel and tone. This is a routine that will not take you more than a minute. But this is not the end. Do not skip application of the appropriate moisturizer on the face and under the eyes. Your neck and neckline will also thank you for a small application of the cream.

If you are over 40 and your skin needs revitalization, protection against water loss, regeneration and strengthening, the Blue Diamond Cream has been created for you !. Atelocream MC2 is especially recommended for skin with first wrinkles, signs of aging, fatigue, as well as with uneven skin tones. Perfect for relieving stress on stressed and very tired skin.

4 Steps Beauty Routine


Clean your skin with Collagen Wash Gel. It will clean your skin naturally without drying it out. A very clean skin does not become oily during the day, it also gets dirty more slowly, is more hydrated and better absorbs applied cosmetics.


Then use of our Collagen Face Mist to restore the natural pH of the skin and contribute to the reconstruction of the hydrolipidic protective layer.


The thesis repeated as a mantra: it will become your habit. Remember that after 25 years, your skin loses 1% collagen EVERY YEAR. Start acting with time! ApplyCollagen with 24k Gold Serum  daily to damp skin sprayed with our Collagen Face Mist.


Atelocream MC2 hydrates your skin throughout the day, gives it energy and strengthens the protective barrier. This urban style cream contains antioxidants that protect your skin against external factors. Help your skin with stress.


Mediluxe Team Recommendation

Collagen Wash Gel

Dhs. 257.00

Collagen Face Mist

Dhs. 330.00

AteloCream MC2

Dhs. 577.00

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